Hugo G Fit - Pasadena, CA Personal Trainer

Client Videos

Calvin plowing through a 450lb sled drive!



Michelle hitting a 1 max repition of 210lbs on a sumo deadlift!



Lanny's core exercise. Core rotations with 20lb medicine ball being thrown to the wall to target obliques.



My client Tommy perfecting his deadlifts. We were struggling to perform a deadlift form without any weight, now we have perfected our form and are ready to set PR's!



Time-lapse of my client Jose's squat session. 4 working sets of increasing weight w/ approx. 1 min rest in between sets.



My client Joaquin performing sumo deadlifts and killing it once again! This guy has big things coming for him in the near future!



Here's a how I make sure that my clients have a natural straight back when performing deadlifts. With a guidance stick placed on their back, I make sure there are 3 points of contact: the back of the head, middle of scapulas (upper back) and tailbone. This helps my clients engage their posterior chain and prevents them from relying on their ligamenture of the spine to lift the weight.



Janice getting her workout in before Christmas. She also made me feel light on the sled. She pushed a total of 250lbs at a body weight of 125lbs. Beast! 



My client David has dropped a total of 30lbs of fat mass and has simultaneously gained 10lbs of muscle mass!



Frances always killing her workouts! Contact me to begin your fitness journey!