Hugo G Fit - Pasadena, CA Personal Trainer

Self Videos

After peforming 5 sets of 5 repitions for 280lbs, I decided to test my 1 max rep. 310lbs, 320lbs, and 330lbs.


5th set of sumo deadlifts at 425lbs for 3 repitions (2 shown in video).


5 sets of 5 paused reps of 135lbs. Trying to improve my over head press to transition into a stronger bench press.


When performing deadlifts, the goal is to keep your back as extended as your structure allows you to. You want to have your posterior chain engaged and your muscles at optimal firing range before the load is even put on to the posterior chain, this will also prevent yanking off the ground which in-turn lowers the possibility of an injury. Weight being lifted in this video is 405lbs.


One of my favorite back workouts. Seal rows! When doing accessory movements it is critical to focus on time under tension (TUT) to promote muscle hypertrophy.


Deadlift day: 5 sets of 2 reps for 405lbs. Not bad for a body weight of 165lbs and beltless.